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You can send me a message if you want more information, buy a drawing or order a commission.


My name is Jasmijn van Veldhuisen and I'm a Dutch pencil artist. I love working with coloured pencils and drawing animals!

I do original work but also work on commission. You can contact me to buy a original drawing or for a commission of your pet!


About me

Hi! My name is Jasmijn van Veldhuisen and I live in a small town in the middle of the Netherlands!

I'm a pencil artist and I work mostly with coloured pencil. My studio is based in my livingroom :). 

My love of animals is the inspiration for my work. My cat Senõr Maurice, dog Sasha and horse Suze have all been models! 

Besides drawing I love my job in care, plants, animals and West German Pottery that I collect. 

It's only been in 2017 that I started drawing with coloured pencil. Before I used graphite or pastel pencils or I painted. It was only until I discovered high quality coloured pencils and paper that I got serious and started drawing more and more! I now try to develop my talent by trying to draw more realistic. I've also been taking my own refrences photo's to own the hole proces of making a drawing. But if friends take nice photo's I will use them aswell.


When I make a very nice drawing of a quite boring photo I'm the happiest! 

Original work

These drawings I made from photo's of the animals around me. My cat Senõr Maurice, horse Suze, my sisters horse Wando and the barndogs Baas en Sjaak all have been models for me.

I prefer to take my own photo's or work from photo's that friends made. This makes my work more my own.

Commission work

These drawings I made on commission base.

I can make a drawing for you! The prices start at €45,- for a drawing size A4. It's possible to make larger drawings. I will need a high quality photo to use as refrence!

Contact me for information or look at the commision page on this website.


You can have a drawing made of your animal!

I work of a (high quality) photo. I use Faber Castell Polychromos pencils mostly on Canson Mi-teintes paper. This paper comes in different colours. Mostly I choose a paper colour based on the refrences photo, but you can choose your own colour if you prefer one.

If you order a drawing you will be placed on the waitinglist. I wil make an estimation on how long the wait will be. When I start your drawing I will massage you and give you a few updates if you wish. It takes me mostly about two weeks to finnish a drawing, depending on the size and my workschedule